New Shoes

August 29, 2023·1 min read

I tried
Your shoes on (just for a second)
Why are they so heavy?
I had to take them off

Like a dying star
They sucked in all of the colors
From your new welcoming rainbow rug

I start a melody, and you innocently join in
The notes build up to a scale that needs to be resolved
And it takes courage to finish

You don’t like the dissonance, and demand that I continue
I arrange my fingers in the right shape and strum the chord
I play it lightly, but the sound is still so loud
That it blows out the candle

It’s now silent, and there’s little light
The bed is still warm, our arms and legs still touch
I turn right and see your lightly closed eyes
The sparkling blue now covered by heavy lids

Your face is a message
And I understand it completely
You’re accepting the shoes

It takes me another second
And it kills me to realize

You have no choice but to wear them.